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A place where traditional music and culinary of the Rio de Janeiro outskirts meet the Feira das Yabás (Yabás Fair) gathers stalls where 16 "tias" ("aunts") of Madureira prepare delicacies of African-Brazilian gastronomy. Created by singer and composer Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz, the event takes place, since 2009, on the second Sunday of the month at Paulo da Portela Square, in Oswaldo Cruz.

Sunday fair: stalls are full of people in Oswaldo Cruz to to taste African Brazilian culinary. Photo: Marcelo Tabach/Diaodrim Ideias

Yabá, which means "mother queen" is the term used in Brazil to name female orishas. In the neighborhood where traditional samba schools Portela and Império Serrano reside, Yabá references the mothers in the local homes, who lovingly prepare  the dishes which preserve the African influence at the tables. Among the "barraqueiras" (stall owners), as they are called, Jane Carla serves cooked seafood, Romana sells jabá (dried meat) and mocotó (a Brazilian dish made from cow's feet bone marrow) broth, beans and peas. Rose makes chicken with okra.

Representing the Portela Old Guard, Tia Surica offers mocotó and manioc with dried meat and Neide Santana makes shrimp feijoada (a typical dish made of beans and pork) and other dishes. Dona Neném, the oldest of the "aunts", at almost 90 years old, makes oxtail stew with potatoes, polenta and pumpkin fried cake. The sweets are the specialty of Vera de Jesus. The prices are around R$ 15 for the meals.

Completing the fair programme, the roda de samba (samba jam session) is headed by Marquinhos de Oswaldo Cruz, who invites an established musician for each edition to jam and taste the delicacies of the Yabás. Monarco, Dona Ivone Lara, Almir Guineto, Wilson Moreira, Teresa Cristina, Ana Costa, Leandro Sapucahy and Fundo de Quintal have been some of the attractions.

General Information


The second Sunday of the month, from 1pm. Admission free.

Address: Paulo da Portela Square, in Oswaldo Cruz, Madureira
E-mail address: feiradasyabas@gmail.com
Website: http://www.feiradasyabas.com.br/ https://www.facebook.com/feira.yabas

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