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Known as the "repentista from Teresópolis", Wanda Lúcia Pinheiro is famous for her poem declamations which she creates on improvisation. "People stop me on the streets to recite beautiful poems, in rhymes, and use the words as gifts to someone else", she says.

As an adolescent, Wanda looked at people and felt the urge to say poems, and trained at home, holding a broom as her guitar, imitating the religious musicians she saw perform at church. Now a 47 year old, she performs every month at the event "Cultura de Raiz", organized by the Adolpho Bloch House of Culture.

"Beijinho Doce", by Nhô Pai, immortalized by Eliana Macedo and Adelaide Chiozzo, is pure emotion on the voice of Wanda, who always tears up when performing. She was a victim of the flood which devastated the city in 2011.

Her house in Campo Grande was closed by the local administration and her situation led Léo Bittencourt and Regina Carmela, local filmmakers, to make the documentary "De repente" which shows Wanda returning to her former house and seeing every house around hers had been destroyed. The documentary was broadcast at canal Futura, of cable TV network GloboSat. 

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