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The street band is 14 years old and brings together 1,500 people, aged over 55, organized in 10 different segments (or "wings") and five car floats. It is the largest band of its kind in the country. Graça Dias, 65, is the flag bearer. At 71, Arli Addala is the queen of the percussion wing, which has 75 components. Paulo Bernardo is the parade designer.

The band parades during Carnival, in the São João Island, and also promotes an off-season parade in Vila Santa Cecília. They have already been invited to parade in other cities.

In 2012, the oldest component of the band was 94. "But there has been a Carnival in which we had a lady who was 109. I found that pork fat, the basis of her diet, is healthy", Fátima Martins, band coordinator, 59, jokes. Every year the group records a CD with the music they play during the parades. 

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Carnival (February and/or March).

Address: Vila Santa Cecília, Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (+55 24) 3339-4200

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