Várzea Palace Hotel

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Várzea Palace Hotel started being built in 1912 and took six years to be completed. Of eclectic style architecture, it was founded by Portuguese immigrant Sebastião da Fonseca Teixeira, which was the city mayor and awarded by the city guard. At the back of the Main Church, on a street named after its founder, the hotel was one of the first in the region. Important events, such as the City Forum of Culture and the ChocoSerra Festival,used to be held at the Hotel, which was also famous for its Carnival balls. It was listed in 1999, by the Arts, Culture and History Heritage Service of the City Department of Culture in Teresópolis. 

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Address: Prefeito Sebastião Teixeira Street, 41, Jardim Pinheiros
Phone: (+55 21) 2742 0878

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