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The small restaurant next to hotel Village Le Canton, in Vargem Grande, offers 130 flavors of pastries such as rabbit meat, boar and lamb, among others. Exotic meats are also part of the dishes such as the ostrich sausage ragu with jabuticaba liquor and the jacaré fillet flambéed in cachaça.  

The chief dish of the house is the galinha caipira (a local recipe consisting of chicken, vegetables and spices) with pirão (a traditional Angolan and Brazilian dish made from manioc flour). The place has 304 types of canned sweets. The chef is Tatiana Fernandes. Her mom and restaurant owner Valéria, is who makes the sweets. On fridays, there are jam sessions with sertanejo (the Brazilian variant of country music) music with accordion and viola.


General Information

Address: Diógenes Pedro da Costa Road, 255, access by km 12 at Teresópolis-Fribrugo road, next to Hotel Village Le Canton
Phone: (+55 21) 3643-6285
E-mail address:
Opening hours:

Todos os dias, de 11h às 22h

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