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Twister Dance is a dance company that emerged in 2002 from a group of friends interested in street dance. Besides offering street dance, free dance, and lambaeróbica classes for all ages, the group has been producing musicals since 2007, gaining recognition in the region.

The permanent cast of the company has eight people, one being the director and choreographer Julio César Peixoto, known as Chuleba. Mastermind of the whole project, Chuleba, 30, comes from a family very fond of the jongo (a dance and musical genre of communities of African origin from southeast Brazil), although, even as a boy, he already preferred the strong beats and energetic movements of the street dance.

"I always dreamed of participating in a professional group. Now, Twister Dance is a fever in the city", he says. The curious thing is that, in Pádua, girls represent the majority of the students in the classes, although, usually,street dancers are mostly men.

General Information

Address: Nilo Peçanha Street, Downtown (Lyra de Arion Musical Society's headquarters)
Phone: (+55 22) 99846-5612 (Chuleba)
E-mail address:

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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