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Três Poços Farm. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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The land that originated Três Rios Farm had Mateus Pereira de Araújo e Oliveira as its first owner. He acquired it in 1784. The farm had other owners and, in 1860, experienced its most prosperous era under the command of Commander Lucas Antonio Monteiro de Barros, reaching a production of 22,000 "arrobas" (an ancient Portuguese unit of measure which stands for 25 pounds) and 330 tons of coffee beans, 


Três Poços Farm. Photo: Isabela Kasow/Diadorim Ideias.


Its headquarters was built around the 1840s and the Três Poços River runs through its land. The farm has still preserved a mill for the extraction of castor oil used for the supply of lamps.


Três Poços Farm. Photo: Isabela Kasow/Diadorim Ideias.


Currently, the farm is occupied by the University Center of Volta Redonda (UniFOA) associated to Oswaldo Aranha Foundation. It is the largest and main campus of the institution where administrative sector and various educational units work there. The interior of the main house of the farm was modified to accommodate classrooms and laboratories.

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