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To help preserve the environment, his arms are words shaped like poetry, and they add up to more than one thousand written or spoken verses created at any time. And his message talks about the Jurubatiba Sandbank National Park, where he was born 61 years ago, about small scale fishing, something he has done for 50 years, and about environmental issues that afflict him due to the negligence they face. Jorge Barcelos, Tio Jorge (Uncle Jorge), likes spoken poetry and through it he gives his message in lectures, seminars, conventions and large events, including in the center of power, Brasília, when he is invited. "Poetry is a powerful tool for the environment. With it I can criticize those who make money to do something but just don't." Tio Jorge calls himself a collector of letters: "I'm a semi-illiterate fisherman. My wisdom comes from the inside of a canoe, from colloquial conversations, from the knowledge that runs alongside books and classrooms".


"You who destroy the trees/You need to know that a heart full of hurt needs repenting/Money and oil are not all there is, as the waters from one's eyes cannot be drunk".



The verse calls us to a reflection. And today this reaction is on the tip of uncle Jorge's tongue; he who in the past had difficulties in making himself heard. "The fisherman is always the one most impacted in different manners by environmental issues. But because he was a simple and poor person, he didn't feel like he had a voice". Tio Jorge started creating poems and verses and as he got known he gained more and more attention from the media. With that came the respect to himself and his class, since Tio Jorge speaks for small scale fishing, which will be extinguished and should be preserved. "I do not worry about my mistakes in Portuguese, but with what I get right", he says. "I want to be a connection between the knowledge of the people and the academia".

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