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Tijuca National Park is an urban forest in the heart of Rio de Janeiro with an area of 3,200 acres and Atlantic Rainforest fauna and flora. Access roads reach several neighborhoods in the city's Zona Sul and Zona Norte. Luxurious nature with the Taunay Waterfall, the Mayrink Chapel, Excelsior, Chinese Viewpoint and Mesa do Imperador Viewpoint and the Fadas Lake are some of its natural attractions.

The area became a National Park in the 60s decade. It is part of the Tijuca Massif, an ancient gneiss formation, one of the most ancient geographical formations in the planet.. Researchers, naturalists and the Imperial Family were attracted to the area in the Portuguese Colonial Era. Many local river springs are located in the park, making 10% of the city water original from this area.

The Tijuca Forest was reforested in the 19th century after coffee production had compromised the area. Emperor Pedro II had 100 thousand native rainforest seedlings planted. Local fauna includes monkeys, snakes, birds and butterflies. Leisure areas, bridges, fountains and lakes were created by French landscape designer Augusto Glaziou. In the 20th century, artworks, public bathrooms were installed and at former coffee farms, Os Esquilos and Floresta restaurants opened.

The park is divided into 4 sectors: Tijuca Forest, Carioca Mountain Range, Bonita Rock (with 696 meter high Flight deck) along with Gávea Rock (with a plateau top at 842 meters high) as well as the Pretos Forros Mountain Range along with the Covanca Slum. The Tijuca Peak is the area's  highest peak, at 1,022 meters high, and can be reached after 4-hour hikes. The Bico do Papagaio and Corcovado Mountains are also part of the area. 

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Address: Visitor Center - Afonso Viseu Square, Alto da Boa Vista, Tijuca
Phone: (+55 21) 2492-2253
Opening hours:

Daily, from 8am to 7pm. 

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