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Open since 2013, the institution known as CDT aims to reinforce the cultural identity of the city through the promotion of its history and cultural memory. Information about the region is available in photos, videos, documents, and books. 

The main feature of the collection are the Environmental Impact Studies made for the installation of the Açu Port Complex. There are also researches on the pillars of economical, social, environmental and cultural sustainability. 

At CDT two projects are developed: the "Rede Espaço Memória" (Space and Memory Network) and the "Programa de Animação Científica Artística Digital-Pacad" (Scientific Artistic Digital Animation Program), which uses a program with cultural data from Portugal, Senegal and other states in Brazil, and is used as a teaching tool. The "Rede Espaço Memória" is a center for research and studies where meetings and talks are held.

The CDT is result of a partnership between the City Administration and the company responsible for the port - LLX at the time and now Prumo - as well as the "Instituto BioAtlântica - Ibio" (BioAtlântica Institute).

General Information

Address: Carlos Martins Cultural Palace, Passos Street, 121, Downtown, São João da Barra
Phone: (+55 22) 2741- 4017
Website: http://www.sjb.rj.gov.br

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