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"Affection is an emotional lubricant"

Tue Ho graduated 15 monks. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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The "Centro de Tradições Orientais Lo Han Ssu" (Lo Han Ssu Oriental Traditions Center) was created in May 28th 1982 and it is the only Vietnamese Buddhist Temple in Brazil. The temple's founder, master and abbot Tue Ho Anselmo Bezerra, is a former combat pilot who dedicated his life to studies of the martial arts, chinese medicine and Buddhism. The monk was born in 1957, he was trained in Brazil and post-graduated in China. He says that in his temple, people look for knowledge and affection. 

Affection is one of the key doctrines taught by the Buddha, for whom the greatest force there is in the world is the example. "Affection is an emotional lubricant. I think Brazilian people are the people chosen to grow spiritually. The Brazilian soul is full of affection", says master Tue Ho, who is part of a selective international group of leaders, members of the Vietnamese Culture Federation, which is hosted in Paris, France. He travels to Vietnam annually to conduct seminars and train masters from all over the world. 

In France, monk Tue Ho (which, means, in Sanskrit, Vigilant Tiger), is known as "the master who hugs". His first master was grandfather Sho Ih, who lived in India during the Second World War and brought from that country the Buddhist philosophy. Sho Ih took refuge in Brazil and graduated in 1965, in the rural area of the city of Brasilia, the city in which his grandson Tue Ho was raised.

With open doors since the 1980s, the temple Lo Han Ssu offers daily martial arts, meditation and prayers practices. Master Tue Ho graduated 15 monks, six of them women. His chosen successor is one of his three sons, Marco Tang. "In Buddhism we do not just pray. We also raise children", he jokes. The temple has a beautiful view to the city of Petropolis. 

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Address: Professor José Maria de Mello Lane, 184 – Valparaíso
Phone: (+55 24) 2237-0153
Website: cto@lohanssu.com.br

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