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One of the most well-known postcards of Rio de Janeiro, the Sugarloaf is a 396 meter-high massive granite rock mount more than 600 million years old which which sits next to the 220 meter-tall Morro da Urca. Its name was given by the Portuguese in a reference to the cone-shaped sugar loafs which were sent to Europe during the sugarcane cycle - between 16th and 17th centuries.

Access to the mounts can be made via cable cars, which are icons of Rio sightseeing attractions. They have been part of the city's landscape for a century. The first stop, after a three-minute ride, is Morro da Urca, from which Guanabara Bay and Botafogo Beach can be seen. From there to the Sugarloaf, another three-minute cable car ride. At the last stop, the entire city, beaches, massifs, islands, lagoons and the neighbor city Niterói with the Serra do Mar, or coastal mountain range, can be seen. A breathtaking view.

The Sugarloaf cable car was the first cable car built in Brazil and the third in the world. It has transported scientist Albert Einstein, former United States president John Kennedy, former Poland president Lech Walesa, musician Sting, actors Roger Moore and Robert de Niro, as well as actresses Gina Lolobrigida and Brooke Shields.

This attraction also offers a leisure area in which 20 thousand ornamental and fruit trees seedlings were planted. There also is an amphitheater, the Concha Verde (Green Shell) - a place for exhibitions, conferences and festivities - as well as a bar and snack bars. The Sugarloaf is the mount with the most climbing routes, which sums to about 60. 


General Information

Address: Pasteur Avenue, 520, Urca - Rio de Janeiro
Phone: (+55 21) 2546-8400
Opening hours:

Daily, from 8am to 7h50pm (box office). The attraction is open until 9pm. Cable cars depart every 20 minutes.

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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