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The SoMuDRiba Theater Group was founded at the same time as the Rio Bonito Music and Drama Society, in 1905, and made it its home. It's there that all rehearsals take place, it's almost always there that the openings happen. In 107 years, it was the only option for music and theater in the city for a long time.

The current group, coordinated by the actor and director Juka Goulart, got together 1996 and it has 10 members, including cast and crew. Focused on dramatic and tragic plays, the group is currently putting together the performance "Album de Família", by Nelson Rodrigues, which should open in 2013 with the support of the Award Novas Cenas, given by the Rio de Janeiro Government.

Photo: Isabela Kassov / Diadorim Ideias

On the group's resumè there are performances aimed at children, such as "O Gato de Botas" and "A Bela e a Fera", as well as for adults. The most recent project was the drama "Por um Último Instante", with text by Juka Goulart.

Photo: Isabela Kassow / Diadorim Ideias

On the 33rd Festival of FETAERJ (Rio de Janeiro Associating Theater Federation), the play was appointed for best text, best new artist, and best costume categories. The award for best actor went to Juka Goulart. SoMuDRiba has two short movies under post production, with a focus on comedy.

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Address: Manoel Duarte Avenue, 981
Phone: (+55 21) 99247-2149 (Juka Goulart)

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