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Silva Jardim implemented the first "social currency" program in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is called "Capivari". The program is managed with funds from the municipality and started in November, 2010. The "money" is used to finance local commerce. It has the same value of the Real (the Brazilian official currency), but can only be used within the city.

At least 80 of the 93 establishments registered with the Associação Comercial de Silva Jardim (Silva Jardim Commercial Association) use the Capivari, which is managed by the Capivari Community Bank, responsible for the exchanges of Reais for Capivaris and for the credit line available to small entrepreneurs, stimulating employment and income generation.

There are 50 cents (purple), one (green), two (salmon), five (yellow), and ten (blue) Capivari bills. Its name is a tribute to the old name of Silva Jardim of the city. The river that crosses the downtown area of the city was also called Capivari, which means "river with capybaras". An engraving of the animal illustrates the money bills.


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