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Claudionor de Jesus can be considered a type of "musical heritage" of Pádua. A Caxambu (dance of black African origin, practiced and preserved throughout the Southeast Region of Brazil) master, seresta musician in his leisure time, and former member of Sambaré (local samba and pagode band), Seu Nonô (Mr. Nonô) does not leave his guitar out of sight.

Seu Nonô. Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias

A Rio de Janeiro native, from Formiga Hill, and Pádua citizen in his heart, the vibrant 60-year-old does not measure words to declare his passion for the jongo (a dance and musical genre of communities of African origin from Southeast Brazil) culture. "The Caxambu represents the love for our ancient slaves and also outlines the future of new generations.

Each jongo song speaks of a slave and transmits lessons that are constantly renewed by the jongo dancers", says the master. In his repertoire, country songs are always included, but also others by pop musicians and bands, such as "Era um garoto", which became famous among younger generations after the version recorded by band Engenheiros do Hawaii.

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