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The Ponto de Cultura Caminhos da Memória Histórica e Patrimonial da Cidade de São João de Meriti is a project by the Instituto de Pesquisas e Análises Históricas e de Ciências Sociais da Baixada Fluminense-IPAHB (Institute for Research and Analysis of Historical and Social Sciences in Rio's Lowlands Area). The institution, established in April 10, 1999, is a center for the development and promotion of scientific investigations and, nowadays, maintains a reasonable photographic and bibliographic collection. According to IPAHB's president, Gênesis Pereira Torres, the Ponto de Cultura followed an effort of rescuing of the "relationship of affection by the local community for the heritage (tangible, intangible, and natural) of the region". With a focus on children and the youth, the project visited, from 2011 to 2012, 16 schools in São João de Meriti, reaching over 400 students and with the participation of a total of about 800 people. During these visits, lectures on the history and heritage of the city were promoted, content that is better absorbed by the students through playful activities, games, songs, and dance. Workshops on cooking and recycling techniques are also offered, in addition to visits to historical sites of the city and region. In its first two years, the project has assisted the regions of Engenheiro Belford, Vila União, Tomazinho, Éden, Vila Rosaly, Vila Tiradentes, Jardim Meriti, and Coelho da Rocha. It is expected that, in 2013, its activities will be extended to Vila dos Teles, Vila São JoãoJardim, and Venda Velha.


IPAHB is headquartered in the city of Nilópolis, at Alayd de Souza Belém Street, 8, downtown, with a branch in São João de Meriti.

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Address: Moacyr Marques Morado Street, 65, downtown.
Phone: (+55 21) 2691-1135

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