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São João da Prosperidade Farm. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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São João da Prosperidade farm was founded in 19th century by the coffee growing pioneer in the region, Antônio Gonçalves de Moraes. He was the son of Piraí Baron, José Gonçalves de Morais, and grandson of the legendary Cabeça de Cuia, also named José Gonçalves de Morais, nicknamed Mata Gente Captain (roughly People killer). Antonio cultivated 256,000 coffee trees on the property, which was maintained by the labor of 214 slaves.

São João da Prosperidade Farm./Promotional Photo

On the farm, there is an old resting place for cattle dealers (construction rarely found today), a mill, one coffee yard, slave quarters, ruins and preserved storage facilities. Without the finesse of other constructions of mid-century, the main house of São João da Prosperidade Farm has wide external stone walls and inside walls made of wattle and daub, huge ceilings and sloping roofs with handmade tiles. The house has 15 bedrooms, six lounges, a courtyard and a kitchen.

São João da Prosperidade Farm is now owned by Magid Breves Muniz, the coffee king Joaquim José de Souza Breves' great-grand daughter. The place is primarily engaged in rural tourism. The property still maintains a dairy cattle breeding and cutting, a sausage factory, a Country Museu, and it also invests in eucalypt plantation. The farm participates in the Coffee Valley Festival circuit, held the second half of July.

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Address: Barra do Piraí-Ipiabas Highway, Km 7, Ipiabas, Barra do Piraí.
Phone: (+55 24) 2442-3194
E-mail address: fazendaprosperidade@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.fazendaprosperidade.com.br

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