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Santa Inês Farm. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias
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Santa Inês farm is a major historical legacy of Miracema. In 2011, in its land was identified an archaeological site of the first inhabitants of the region, the Indians Puris. The place found was kind of a workshop where artifacts like axes were elaborated.

Santa Inês Farm. Photo: Tasso Marcelo/Diadorim Ideias

Signs of polishing and sharpening appear on the rocks of the waterfall that is present on the ground. First of its kind in the state, the site was discovered by the archaeologist Nanci Oliveira, Rio de Janeiro State University (Uerj). "The next step is to make a georeferenced mapping of the place. Possibly there are other sites in the region, with more information about the Puris," Nanci bets.

In 2014, Santa Inês farm will open its doors to visitors for the first time. All of its collection, an authentic archaic farming will be convened at the Center for Culture and Memory and it will be include a variety of objects of slave torture. Some neoclassical rooms of the mansion Santa Inês will also be part of the exhibition as well as 19th century furniture, a former sugar plantation and the outdoor area of a thousand acres.

The Santa Inês still keeps a mystical aura. In 1996, a psychic might have received messages of Our Lady there. The location of the alleged apparition was transformed into a sanctuary where a weekly mass is held and a group of Miracema natives gather to hear the Virgin. The owner of Santa Inês, Roberto Lopes, born on the farm in 1934, unravels miracles and believes that Santa Inês is a special place. "Our Lady said that, from the four corners of the sky, this is the place most inhabited by angels. An ufologist has also said that a mother ship gets to visit this location as well as other ships traveling through the planetary system." Beautiful scenery and many mystical stories about Santa Inês are part of its atmosphere.

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Address: RJ-200, Road that conects the district of Paraíso do Tobias to the municipality of São José do Ubá, 11 km from Miracema.
Phone: (+55 22) 99243-5040 (Carlos Lopes, tours must be booked in advance)
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