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Samba do Trabalhador: an event for musician and workers to enjoy the Monday.  Photo: Marcelo Tabach/Diadorim Ideias
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The day musicians usually don't work, the Monday, dreaded by workers, was used by singer and composer Moacyr Luz to gather musician friends for jam sessions. That is the origin of the Samba do Trabalhador (Worker's Samba), which has been taking place, for eight years, in the Zona Norte, the Northern Zone of Rio de Janeiro, more precisely in Andaraí, at famous Renascença Club.

Moacyr Luz created the Samba do Trabalhador: music on Mondays for weekend workers. Photo: Marcelo Tabach/Diadorim Ideias

"Since musicians usually work hard on weekends, I decided to create a samba jam session for musicians and workers to enjoy. That is the reason Monday was the chosen day of the event. 

The Samba do Trabalhador became a local fever very quickly, gathering around a thousand people each week. "It happens every monday, with the only exceptions are Christmas or New Years Eve days", says the samba musician. The project grew with the release of two albums and DVDs by Renascença Samba Clube, recorded live at the venue in 2005 and 2012. On Youtube, the videos of the event have hit 100 thousand views. The event has also been featured on the pages of the New York Times.

"Original songs are usually the most successful, and what make the event so special", says Moacyr. In the repertoire, original songs "Cabô, Meu Pai" (by Moacyr Luz/Aldir Blanc and Luiz Carlos da Vila), "Saudades da Guanabara" (by Moacyr/Aldir and Paulo Cesar Pinheiro), "Pra que Pedir Perdão?" (by Moacyr/Aldir) and "Vida da Minha Vida" (by Moacyr/Sereno) are accompanied by compositions by Zeca Pagodinho, Cartola, João Nogueira, Paulinho da Viola, Candeia, Elton Medeiros and Bezerra da Silva, among other recognized musicians.

The Renascença, known as "Rena" by regulars, was founded in 1951, at Pedro de Carvalho Street, in Méier, by a group of African descendents fighting against race discrimination suffered by their peers in samba associations in the city. At the end of the decade, the club was transferred to Andaraí.

The line at the door of the Rena every Mondays is the proof of the indisputable success of Samba do Trabalhador, which welcomes "gringos" as well as cheerful 90 year old ladies. Musicians Gabriel Cavalcante (voice and cavaco), Alexandre Nunes (voice and cavaco), Alvaro Santos (voice and percussion), Luiz Augusto (percussion), Nilson Visual (surdo - a large bass drum used in many kinds of Brazilian music), Junior Oliveira (percussion), Mingo Silva (voice and percussion) and Daniel Neves (seven string guitar) are part of the official lineup for the samba sessions, and open for illustrious guests such as Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho and Neguinho da Beija-Flor.

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Monday at 5pm.

Address: Barão de São Francisco Street, 54, Andaraí.
Phone: (+55 21) 3253-2322

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