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In 1579, Gonçalo Gonçalves received land from the sesmaria (officially distributed land) in Suassunhão, between São Lourenço River and the current Pedrinhas Beach. He named the land São Gonçalo (Saint Gonzalo) and ordered the building of a chapel in tribute to the saint which was also the patron saint of his home city in Portugal. Historians say the city of São Gonçalo had the chapel as its original landmark - the chapel which was further improved to become the Saint Gonzalo de Amarante Main Church. Others say the first chapel was built in Guaxindiba and, after demolished, was transferred to the current location. The fact is the chapel became a parish in 1643 and the first vicar was named in 1647.

The church façade was originally built in Portuguese baroque style but renovation works made the architectural project be adapted to neoclassic style. In the 1970s, wooden walls and floor were infested by termites and replaced by concrete, iron and tiles. In the Holy Week of 2012, the Via Crucis works were first displayed - they ornate from the church courtyard to the cross on a nearby mount. 

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Address: Coronel Moreira César Street, downtown, São Gonçalo – RJ
Phone: (+55 21) 2712-1000

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