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A traditional cultural manifestation in São João da Barra are the river processions, which begin on June 24 with the Paraíba do Sul River Procession, when the image of Saint John the Baptist is taken through many vessels through the river. The procession is a reminder of the times fisherman Lourenço do Espírito Santo navigated, in 1622, half a mile upstream from Atafona, to found the São João Batista da Paraíba do Sul settlement.

The procession gathers dozens of locals and tourists in the Imperador Wharf to wait for the arrival of the image at the Saint John the Baptist Church. During the second week after Easter, the Our Lady of Penha River Procession takes place at the Paraíba do Sul river mouth. The image passes through river communities in Atafona, Convivência Island, Lima, and Pessanha Island, and returns to Our Lady of Penha Church by land. 

On October 12, at the part of the river which encounters Grussaí Beach, the image of Our Lady of Aparecida is carried by fishermen, followed by a performance of the finding of the sculpture at Paraíba do Sul River. The procession ends at the Chapel of Our Lady of Aparecida, in Grussaí.

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On the second week after Easter, on June 24, and on October 12

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