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One of the greatest expressions of Catholic culture, "reisados" ??(Three Kings Day Celebration) counts with, in Rio das Flores, an association that is responsible for keeping the tradition alive. Founded in 2001 by Nélio Ricardo, the association is chaired by Terezinha Lasnor and João Inácio Alves, known as Master Joãozinho, who is responsible for the Estrela do Oriente Parade Group, present in the city for more than 20 years.


When it was created, the association was composed by Master Joãzinho's group and by the more than fifty years old Estrela Guia Parade Group, run by Ivanir Victorino, Master Vani. Those associated acted in such a perfect manner that, shortly, two more groups were created. Now, the objective of the institution is to help other four groups from Rio das Flores that have been inactive due to the lack of resources.


Traditionally, the journey of the groups starts on the night of December 24 and goes on until Three Kings Day, on January 6. During this period, residents assemble nativity scenes that are visited by the "reisados" ??and the association organizes meetings between the groups of Rio das Flores and nearby cities, such as Levy Gasparian and Paraibuna.


The symbolism of the birth of Jesus involves performances ranging from the announcement of the Immaculate Conception of Mary by Gabriel, to the visit of the Three Kings to the manger of the newborn, who was given gold, incense and myrrh. The groups' main performances of faith take place by the nativity scene put together at the square of Saint Joseph's Church, in the district of Taboas; at Coronel Sucena Square, Downtown Rio das Flores; and at "louvor dos Santos Reis" center, in the district of Manoel Duarte, which has an antitheater and a cave, inspired by the space dedicated to the shrine of the Three Kings of the Saint Kings Cathedral, in Cologne, Germany.

General Information

Address: Getúlio Vargas Street, 182, Rio das Flores – RJ
Phone: (+55 24) 2458-1041 (Nélio Ricardo) / 2458-0594 and 2458-0574 (Master Joãozinho) / (+55 24) 99972-3848 (Master Vani)

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