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Rio das Flores Camerata Music Society serves 300 young people, adults and children with courses, free of charge, on lutierie and musical literacy, lessons in violin, viola, double bass, cello, guitar, woodwinds, and keyboard. "A city of 9,000 inhabitants with 300 of them enrolled in music lessons makes out a percentage that is higher than that of many European countries," says the conductor and president of the institution, Dimas Gabriel.

Photo: Isabela Kassow / Diadorim Ideias

One of the successes of the Camerata is its string orchestra, composed of 12 musicians aged between 13 and 18 years. The group performs in various towns of the region and is part of project "Praças Eruditas" (Classical Squares), which promotes performances in the streets of Rio das Flores on Sundays. Among the members of the orchestra, 90% comes from low-income families and are paid by the Company.


"The children carry heavy instruments and overcome various challenges on a daily basis just to be part of the Camerata. In 20 years, this city will not be the same anymore as music will revolutionize and influence our children and grandchildren. We will keep this project alive!", says Natália Rufino, 15, first violin. In 2010, the initiative was turned into a unit of the project Ponto de Cultura and received the "Rio Sociocultural" Award from Cidade Viva Institute by the hands of the Governor of the State, Sergio Cabral. 


Photo: Cris Isidoro / Diadorim Ideias.

Maintained by the city of Rio das Flores and some companies, the Music Society has two choirs - one of young people and other of senior citizens - and a brass band. It also offers workshops on lutherie for those who want to learn how to build, restore or tune stringed, wind or percussion musical instruments.


At the age of 42, the lutherie instructor, Luciano Duque, began producing instruments as a teenager, in a self-taught way. In classes Luciano uses materials like recycled wood scraps and desks.

General Information

Address: The Music Society Center is located in Saudade, RJ-145, Rio das Flores. Enrollment for the courses is at Professor Antônio Pacheco Leão Street, 156.
Phone: (+55 24) 2458-1163
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