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Nowadays known as a hidromineral resort, the district of Raposo is famous all over Brazil thanks to its spring water sources, which have healing properties and entice tourists from all over the country. To the present day, Raposo has two spring water parks with therapeutic capabilities - Soledade Water Park and Raposo Fountain - as well as a good infrastructure for tourism. The first fountain was discovered in the middle of the 1930's by the land owner and became known as Raposo's Saint Water.

Now called Raposo Fountain, it comprises three different carbogaseous spring waters, each one with its own taste and therapeutic properties. The first fountain in Soledade Water Park was discovered by chance in 1935 when some employees from Colonel Balbino Rodrigues da França Júnior's farm opened ditches to drain storm water. Soledade water (also called magnesium) has proved therapeutic effects in cases of hepato-biliary, renal, and pancreatic diseases, and it is also recommended for dyspepsia and gastritis.

Raposo's Healing Water. Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias

General Information

Address: Soledade Water Park and Raposo Fountain - Augusto Martinez Toja Avenue, Raposo.
Phone: (+55 22) 3847-2133 (Soledade Water Park) / (+55 22) 3847-2144 (Raposo Fountain)

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