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The Film and Audiovisual Studies Professor at Fluminense Federal University (UFF), Rafael Luna Freire, launched in 2011, the book "Cinematographo em Nictheroy", which tells the history of cinema in the city. Former capital of the province of Rio and state capital, Niterói was contemplated, during the 20th century, with numerous movie theaters. Be in small rooms or in the luxury ones that now are in its residents' memory, famous films were exhibited featuring big names from the national and international cinema.

Freire traces the path of the cinema in Niterói since the appearance of the first cinematograph, in 1897, coming from Rio, the first paid session for a film projected on the screen, until the modern multiplex rooms. Besides remembering extinct cinemas like Odeon and Icaraí, the author brings in a discussion on his book about movie theaters in Brazil; he describes the organization of the exhibition market in the silent and sound periods and recounts his cinephile relationship with Niterói.

"Cinematographo em Nictheroy" - name that the Tupi Indians gave to the entrance of Guanabara Bay and that means "hidden waters" - was published through a public notice by Niterói's Department of Culture on historical work with local themes. Rafael Luna Freire spent two years researching and writing the book, which features photograph reproductions and is for sale at bookstores in town. The author also maintains a blog about the cinema scene in the city.

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