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Quebra Frascos is a noble, elegant neighborhood in Teresópolis, which, according to historians, was visited by the Imperial Family. There are two stories for the origin of its name. This first tells the area was known for its excellent climate, proper for healing of sick people (mostly tuberculosis infirm people) in need of pure air and fresh water. The recovery of the sick was so quick, it is said people would break the medicine recipients (in Portuguese, "quebra frascos" means to break flasks, or recipients). The second story says the Englishmen who climbed the mountain range invited by George March would carry whisky bottles, and some of them would clumsily break their bottles while tripping or falling during the hike. 

A great attraction of Quebra Frascos is the Aranda Nursery, within dense pine and cedar forest, it is an 8,000 square meter area with four greenhouses, in which two are used for scientific experiments. Aranda Nursery has 36,000 seedlings including hybrids and imported specimen which total 500 specimen. Seventy percent of the plants were imported or acquired from Brazilian collectors. Rare specimens were obtained through cross-fertilization and are registered in London. The Aranda Plantas Laboratory is among the best in Brazil and is considered the largest commercial nursery in the country. A monthly course on cultivation and maintenance is offered to orchid aficionados. 


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Address: Aranda Nursery - Francisco Smolka Road, Quebra Frascos
Phone: (+55 21) 2742 0628 / (+55 21) 2742 0628
Website: http://www.aranda.com.br

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