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Created in 2010, the project "Cordel com a Corda Toda" (Cordel Literature is in Full Beans) aims at disseminating Cordel literature throughout Rio's Lowlands area, starting from Nova Iguaçu. Classes, workshops, lectures, and interventions are taken to state and city schools and also to selected cultural centers, with the goal of using the artistic expression that is typical of Northeast Brazil as a way to stimulate the learning of the Portuguese language.


Besides performing interferences, participants make xylograph, Cordel compositions, declamation circles, and participate in talks with artists and thinkers of the popular culture.

The project became a unit of the project Ponto de Cultura and promoted, in 2011, the first Festival of Popular Culture. For four days in July, the program included exhibitions of photographs and documentaries, lectures, skits, and presentation of the work by the students who attend the workshops. The project counts on the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Nova Iguaçu, being sponsored by Eletrobras, with help from the Brazilian Academy of Cordel, in Rio de Janeiro.

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