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Created in 2004, the Itaperuna Embroiderers Association's project, called "Bordando o Futuro" (Embroidering the Future) started as an embroidery workshop. The goal was to provide the autonomous development from a remunerated activity for adults and young adults, an initiative that gained a social character: beyond becoming a source of income, learning has become a strategy for restoring citizenship. It was Maria Alice França, project coordinator, who started it.

Project Bordando o Futuro. Photo: Cris Isidoro/Diadorim Ideias

At the time, she was trying to overcome the depression she was suffering after retiring and raising her children. "It's priceless. We are a total of 85 women, mostly either older ladies or younger women with children who can dedicate themselves to working from home", she explains. To translate the atmosphere of the project, in 2007 the DOM collection was created. The choice of the name was not random: it came from the first letters of the words "dignidade" (dignity), "ousadia" (boldness), and "maestria" (mastery), which are concepts that lead the project.

With two annual product lines, DOM has participated in important national and international fashion events, such as Rio-à-Porter, in Rio de Janeiro; shoes and accessories fair Francal, in São Paulo; and Prêt-à-Porter Trade Show, in Paris. Besides its Cidade Nova headquartes, Bordando o Futuro has branches at some Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE) centers, assisting mothers of children with special needs, and in the community of Surubi, assisting to prisoners' families. Besides its economic and social nature, the Embroiderers Association has brought a tradition back to life. "Handmade embroidery was a tradition in Itaperuna until 1960.

Now, the past is back and some women can make a living exclusively out of the art", Maria Alice says. Recognized by the State Government as a unit of the project Ponto de Cultura, Bordando o Futuro receives support and funds from the Rio de Janeiro State Department of Culture and the Ministry of Culture. In 2009, the project was awarded with the Rio Sociocultural Award, granted by Cidade Viva Cultural Institute and, in 2010, it was awarded with the Rio Cultura Nota 10 Award.

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Address: Rubens Tinoco Ferraz Street, 203, suite 109 - Cidade Nova, Itaperuna.
Phone: (+55 22) 3822-7569
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