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Pregnant Tree. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

In the small neighborhood Rodilândia, runs the legend that a tree originated where pregnant girl, who was the victim of the jealous husband, was killed. The imposing mango tree would have grown up in the shape of a pregnant woman to save the soul of the murdered girl whose name the residents are unaware.

For some Nova Iguaçu natives the story is silly, for others it is the honest truth. "I do not know who knocked the tree. What I know is that its fruit is a delight," jokes Luiz Carlos, owner of the house in front of the tree. "Here in Rodilândia we already had saci and mule without head (Brazilian folklore figures) but I was intrigued by the pregnant tree," he adds.

The fantastic story of pregnant tree has inspired the production of two short films. One of them was even projected outdoors in Rodilândia. The other, an animation produced by students of Nova Iguaçu Free Cinema School, was broadcasted on national television, the Fantastic Tv show for Globo TV.

Major attraction in the neighborhood, the pregnant tree makes the best shade nearby." People come from all corners to take pictures and to sit at the foot of this beautiful work of nature" emphasizes Luiz Carlos.

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