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The Lagoa Doce beach is one of the most beautiful of São Francisco de Itabapoana. Its vegetation, typically beach like, consists of small bushes and cacti. But the highlight of the landscape is the cliffs, which begin to form in Ponta do Retiro: bursts of shades ranging from fiery red to white, they extend throughout the waterfront and even reach 10 meters high. According to historian Robert Acruche, the Lagoa Doce Beach is the only one in the state of Rio de Janeiro to present these formations. In one of them there is the lighthouse of Ponta do Retiro, an attraction for tourists. Also according to Acruche, some historical records show that that region hosted the first core housing and colonization of the region between the rivers Macaé and Itapemirim. 

Photo: Cris Isidoro / Diadorim Ideias

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Address: It is located between the neighborhoods of Buena and Barra do Itabapoana. About 22 km from the city center.

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