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Pirueta Group. Photo: Tasso Marcelo / Diadorim Ideias.
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Pirueta was created in Vassouras, as a puppet theater group to perform in street events and birthday parties. Janette Albuquerque, the group's founder moved to Teresópolis, in 1991, setting base for the group in the city with storytelling, puppet theater, skits, anonymous message readings and workshops.

Pirueta periodically performs the show "A palhaça o que é?", which explains about the work of professionals such as doctors, musicians and astronauts to the young public. Janette Albuquerque, Lilia Galvão and Nara Zeitune are the current members of the group.

Together, they create the scripts. They also make adaptations to well-known theater works. "Pirueta is my life, theater and children are my true love", says Geanette.

She and her partner make art beyond pure entertainment. "Theater must be linked to social transformation, mainly of children who are still in their formative years", says Nara. "Chiclete", one of the band skits, focuses on teaching children about dealing with trash. 

General Information

Phone: (+55 21) 2642 5928 / 98814 9028 (Jeanette Albuquerque)
E-mail address: narazeitune@hotmail.com
Website: http://grupopirueta.blogspot.com.br/

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