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Musicians of the independent label. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

In Nova Iguaçu, the recipe of Fish Stock Gravy (a traditional Brazilian dish called Pirão) originated a music label. Created in 2013, the Pirão Records is the result of the union of independent musicians Marcelo Peregrino, Iuri Andrade, Léo Peixe and Maurício Galo.

"The fish stock gravy is the side dish. It is the individual work with the support of the label. Hence the choice of the name," explains the musician Pelegrino or Perê. The label was born when artists, residents of Nova Iguaçu, joined their particular talents to interfere in each other's works .

In Perê's house, the official HQ of the collective, the four musicians have produced a manifesto record. "It was our baptism. We recorded spontaneously, without a rigid musical commitment," says Perê. Since then, the label has continued to add musicians from the local scene keen to promote their work and to establish an audience.

"The Pirão Records do not have tethers nor commitment let alone status; There is a lot of music in its soul," says Perê. According to him, the label bears its concept of MPB (Brazilian Popular Music): popular music in Rio's Lowlands. "Nova Iguaçu is affective and here the musicians have quality and they are self-sufficient," he says.

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