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The journalist, publicist, graphic novelist, and cultural manager Pedro de Luna is the founder and organizer of the Araribóia Rock Festival. An encouraging rock event in Niterói, the Festival was created in 2004 and gathers independent bands from Rio de Janeiro and other cities. Luna also tells the history of Brazilian rock, from 1990 to 2010, in the book "Niterói Rock Underground", released in 2011.

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In the 1990s, when MTV settled in Brazil and the market was open to the importation of music instruments and equipment, young people across the country, including in Niterói, began to produce alternative or indie music. The bands exposed their tapes - demo cassettes and vinyls. Then, stamps and independent labels emerged, as well as the first festivals - Juntatribo, Super Demo, BHRIF, Abril Pro Rock, and Humaitá Pra Peixe.

Pedro de Luna is also a character in this story. At the age of 18, he was a trainee in the former Fluminense FM rock radio, the "Maldita" (Dammed). In the independent music scene, he edited fanzines, managed bands, participated in all the festivals in the country, and produced events, one of them was called "Rock na Pista", a weekly project of concerts in parks and rinks in Niterói.

The research for the book came from the chest he had at home, where he keeps a huge collection of CDs, tapes, pictures, posters, flyers and fanzines. "Niterói Rock Underground" was edited via crowdfunding. Through social networks, in three weeks Luna sold 120 copies in advance to friends. The publication can be purchased on

Despite the more than 200 bands registered in the Arariboia Rock Festival, keeping the rock and roll made in "Nikiti" (as the city is fondly called) in the cultural scene takes work. The festival has few resources, the number of bands and awards were reduced. Luna does not skimp criticism on the lack of support by the government. "We resisted the war and we fight with courage," he says.

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