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A centennial construction, the farm originated from the Cachoeira de Santa Rosa Farm, property of Faustina Angélica de Moura. In 1835, part of her land, named "Pau D'Alho", was sold to Commander José da Silveira Vargas, a known politician at the time. The farm was under care of Vargas' descendants until 1897, when sold to Italian merchant Vito Pentagna.

Today, the fourth generation of the Pentagna family cares for the property. The farm includes coffee, corn, and bean production, fruit trees and is open to cultural tourism through guided tours. Visitors are welcomed with a colonial-style breakfast and then walk through the farm to learn about the crops, see the Vito Pentagna Hydroelectric Plant, which provided energy for the Santa Rosa Textile Manufacture in the 1940s, as well as for some private properties.

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Address: RJ 145 Road, Km 82 - near downtown Valença – Valença/RJ
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