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Paraty Unfocused. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Paraty Unfocused is a workshop for the buildup and use of analog cameras without lenses, known as pinholes. Created by Patrick Allien, a French resident based in Paraty since 1998, the studio-workshop attracts passionate amateur photographers who enjoy the technique of capturing images through light exposure of the film, now largely forgotten by digital technologies.

Simple and economical, the technique for making pinholes transforms boxes or containers of different materials, such as paint cans, into cameras where light does not penetrate. At the end of the course Paraty Unfocused, students takes home a handmade camera that they learned to create.

Besides photographing and teaching, Allien manufactures jewelry and furniture. "I have always enjoyed working with my hands," says the man who has a Doctorate in Philosophy but has never studied art before. "I consider myself a scientist of the soul," he says.

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Address: Patrick's Studio, Comércio Street, Historical Center, Paraty.
Phone: (+55 24) 3371-1158

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