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Marli Teixeira has been singing since she was a little girl. She is the Master (a key reveler in the celebration) in the Estrela do Dia Three Kings' Day Parade Group, which was founded 40 years ago and counts with four clowns and more 12 revelers, from 3 to 60 years of age.

Photo: Cris Isidoro / Diadorim Ideias.

In 2005, Marli participated in the recordings of the DVD "Jongos, Calangos e Folias" and in a track on the album "Na ponta do Verso", along with singer Xangô da Mangueira. She has also been awarded in a "calango" challenge, in the State of Minas Gerais. Marli's mother played the cavaquinho (a string instrument) and taught his daughter to play the tambourine and sing the "calango". Her father was also a "calango" singer and taught Marli the rules of rhyming.

The Master remembers a calango jamming session, in Batatal, where her father played and there was a fight. She was only nine years old and got into the session, and improvised some verses: "Se eu fosse solteira eu saltava a cerca de espinho/ Hoje eu pago dinheiro para não ver seu focinho". "It was the first time I was punished by my father", Marli remembers. She is one of the few "calangueiras" (calando women enthusiast) and Three Kings' Day Parade Group Master in the region. She duets with her husband, Silvino, who introduced her to Three Kings' Day tradition, when they started dating.

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First weekend of january.

Phone: (+55 22) 99720-8854 (Silvino, president of Estrela do Dia parade group)

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