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Our Lady of The Rosary Church of Men of Color. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Built by African descendant Miguel Tomás with the help from slave devotees of Our Lady of the Rosary, from 1848 to 1853, the building deteriorated over time and was rebuilt in 1924. The porch where the choir was, was made into the Afro Miguel Tomás Memorial, which is a permanent exhibition of objects related to the African culture, which is part of the unit of the project Ponto de Cultura called "Projeto de Integração dos Movimentos Culturais e Afrodescendentes de Valença"(Valença Cultural Movements and Afro Descendants Integration Project).

The Memorial belongs to Pastoral Afro Miguel Tomás, created by priest João José da Rocha, who organizes the Afro Descendant Awareness Week in what was the largest coffee producing area of the city and with the largest slave population. Utensils and religious and torture artifacts are on display, as well as a "berimbau" (a traditional Brazilian single-string musical bow), the bicycle which belonged to Mestre Deolézio, founder of Centro-Sul Capoeira League, and the album "Missa Luba ? missa cantada em autêntico congolês".

Through the Ponto de Cultura Project, 1,200 students of public schools are offered classes on traditional African dances, rituals, craftwork, music, and cooking.

The church was named after Our Lady of the Rosary, and the "men of color" distinction was added by priest Medoro de Oliveira Souza Neto. 

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