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 Os Coroas Cirandeiros Group. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias
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Seu Verino (Mr. Verino), Cabral, Zizi, Delmiro, and Benedito, also known as Dito das Laranjas, are part of Paraty's oldest ciranda (Brazilian folk dance and music genre similar to the ring-around-the-rosy) players group.

Os Coroas Cirandeiros have been performing since Seu Verino and Dito were kids. That is since Dito left the countryside and met Seu Verino in the city and they started to play together. They do not remember the exact date, but they know it was before 1970.

Os coroas cirandeiros. Photo: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias

In 1998, they recorded a CD, the first ciranda CD from Paraty. This date is carried with them. They play wherever they are invited and they are always around Matriz Square with their bandola, timba, ten-string viola, tambourine, acoustic guitar, and cavaquinho (a small guitar), whenever there is an event.

It is good to let them know in advance if the group is supposed to be gathered, though. "To gather everybody is complicated, two of us live in the countryside", SeuVerino, the group' spokesman, explains. "And if we are supposed to play, the group must be gathered", Dito das Laranjas, the master, says.

General Information

Address: Matriz Square / Ministro Hélio Pires Square- Paraty - RJ
Phone: (+55 24) 3371-2851 (Mestre Verino) / (+55 24) 3371-3987/ (+55 24) 99977-0472 (Mestre Benedito)
E-mail address: cabralparaty@yahoo.com.br

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