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Niterói Em Cena Festival has been taking place since 2008 at the Popular Theater, in Niterói. About 30 skits are presented in various genres such as comedy, tragedy, melodrama, theater-dance, and drama. A panorama of the theatrical production throughout Brazil is presented in many exhibits. After the shows, debates are promoted among participants, the jurors, and the public.

Both amateur and professional theater groups can participate in the festival. The performances compete for cash prizes and trophies for the categories of Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Popular Jury, Special Jury, Characterization, and Original Text.

The event is sponsored by Niterói's Department of Culture and Niterói's Arts Foundation (FAN) and brings together actors from across the country. Admission is free.

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Address: Niemeyer Pathway - Niterói Popular Theater
Phone: (+55 21) 98268-7147 (Fábio Fortes)
Website: /

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