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Founder of Rio das Flores Three Kings Day Celebration Association, Nelio Ricardo, 66, is a kind of "militant" the town's Catholic festivals. Throughout the year, he organizes drawings to raise funds for the Three King Day Celebration Gathering, an annual event that brings together 20 "reisado" groups in the city in January.

After the Celebration, Nelio begins organizing the Saint George's Cavalcade, preparing Rio das Flores for more than ten thousand people who, between March 30th and April 1st, join the party in honor of the "holy warrior". At the end of the Cavalcade, it's time to start thinking about decorating the city with candles, pet bottles and colored sawdust for the festivities of the patron saint, St. Teresa of Avila, and Corpus Christi.

In addition to participating in the assembly of the 11 meters high Christmas tree - part of the city's landscape at this time of year - Nelio is also responsible for the nativity scene that is worshiped by the groups after Dec. 25. And then... The year is barely over and Nelio is already in full swing for another edition of Rio das Flores Three Kings Day Celebration Gathering!   

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Address: Rio das Flores - RJ
Phone: (+55 24) 2458-1041 (Nélio Ricardo)

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