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The Morrinho project, at the Pereira da Silva slum (in the Laranjeiras neighborhood, at Zona Sul - the city's South Zone, the area where upscale neighborhoods are located) was created to "challenge the common sense about Brazilian slums", showing that slums are places of cultural and social richness, and not just violence. The NGO was created in 1997, when 14 year-old Nelcirlan Souza de Oliveira started making a scale model of the slum using bricks and other recyclable materials.

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The initiative brought the attention of other young locals and the model grew to a 350 square meters scale model which now decorates the Pereira da Silva area. Through toy cars, lego figures and other objects, local residents were also portrayed in the richly detailed streets of the model.

Charmed by the small-scale careful composition of the artwork, film directors Fábio Gavião and Markão Oliveira saw a story waiting to be told. So, in 2001, a series of audio and visual workshops started taking place to teach residents how to operate movie cameras, edit videos and much more. From this initiative, the Morrinho TV, an audiovisual production company, was born.

Author films and commissioned short films as well as documentaries were made by the company and have been showcased in festivals throughout Latin America, Europe and cities in Brazil. Other projects by the NGO are Turismo no Morrinho (guided tours of the scale model) and Morrinho Social (which offers English and photography classes as well as playful activities focused on citizenship and art education).

The slum scale model which was the starting point for the NGO work has toured the world through small-scale reproductions of the work that were taken to Barcelona, Paris and Venice as well as throughout Brazilian cities. The NGO history as well as those of children and adolescents that were part of the Morrinho creation can be seen in the documentary "Morrinho: Deus Sabe Tudo Mas Não é X-9", directed by Gavião and Oliveira and released in 2008.

Watch the documentary trailer "Morrinho: Deus Sabe Tudo Mas Não é X-9" here.


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