Montebello Medieval Castle

Cultural Heritage - Teresópolis


Built in 1927 and renovated in 1950 by German architect Eugen Luther Klass, the castle was open to public visitation, but since valuable items went missing, it was then closed. The feudal castle was background to the shooting of scenes of Jovem Guarda films and hosted festivities for the local high society. In 2005, it hosted the Rio de Janeiro Winter Festival. Apart from external walls, the interior of the building was modified: wooden floor was replaced with synthetic flooring and lamps gave place to fluorescent light sources. A "V"-shaped staircase connects the castle's three floors. Bronze doors, stained glass work and gigantic trees are some of the castle's points of interest. 

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Address: Heitor de Moura Estevão Street, 339, Várzea

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Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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