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Mineiro Pau. Photo: Cris Isidoro/ Diadorim Ideias
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Led by Mestre Nico (Master Nico), the centennial Mineiro Pau group in Santo Antônio de Pádua won the Rio de Janeiro State Culture Award 2011 in the category Intangible Heritage. Mineiro Pau is a dance set performed by men, each carrying one or two sticks of wood, developed in a circle. The dancers perform a choreography entirely marked by the beating of sticks on the ground. 

It may have arisen with the Indians, who also used sticks in duels or fights, or the Africans. Nico has been leading the group for many years, for his great-grandfather was its founder and, since then, the tradition has passed from father to son in his family.

As far as the other group members, it can also be said to be hereditary: generations of grandfathers, uncles, sons, grandsons, and nephews have already participated. "It's a big family", boasts the master. They have performed in big cities, such as São Paulo, Brasília, and Fortaleza. Currently, the group has 46 members, who are between 11 and 53 years old. Nico uses a room at CIEP 266 (a local school) to rehearse and keep the instruments. The space also features a collection of photos and videos of the presentations.

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Address: João Jazinck Street – Dezessete (CIEP 266 - Deputado Armindo Marcílio Doutel de Andrade)
Phone: (+55 22) 3853-3762/98136-0529

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