Intangible Cultural Heritage - Laje do Muriaé


The Carnival street band Mineiro-Pau Mocidade do Queró is the most traditional group in Laje do Muriaé and was founded by Mestre Oristes Matheus Rodrigues (Master Oristes Matheus Rodrigues), in 1975 (mineiro-pau is a dance set performed by men, in a choreography marked by the beating of sticks on the ground). It has 76 members and is usually part of the Carnival and folkloric festivities in the region. The group also performs in neighbor cities, such as Miracema and Itaperuna. Since the band has no headquarters of their own, they rehearse on a yard in Morro do Querosene. The meetings, though, are traditionally held at Seu Oristes (Mr. Oristes)'s house. And although already deceased, his family is responsible for keeping the tradition alive.

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Address: Laje do Muriaé - RJ

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