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When looking at a sculpture made by Milla Minhava, one has the impression that at any moment the figure will move and speak. The popular artist, a specialist in ceramic terracotta, has pieces sold in several cities of Rio. In 2010, she represented Brazil at the Exhibition of Nations, in Shanghai, China; and her clay sculptures have already been gifted to world personalities, like Danielle Mitterrand, widow of former French President François Mitterrand, and the singer Madonna.

"I stumbled in the mud". This is how Milla summarizes the beginning of her career. She says that she got very depressed after becoming a widow, and she decided to move from Magé to Maricá. "I saw me in between the sea and the sky, only, no neighbors around and the noise of the horses frightened me", she remembers. Feeling lonely, this Portuguese native, born in the city of Porto, sought inspiration in the crafts classes she took, downtown Maricá. That was in 1999. And the first doll that came out of her hands was already a huge demonstration of her talent. Milla went on to develop her work (she was almost self-taught), using the electric oven in place of the traditional firewood oven.

With simplicity, the artisan says she does not like to be called an artist, the exception is if the title comes with the complement of "popular". She considers that the magic of transforming clay into art is a divine gift. She creates breastfeeding moms, plump women in bathing suits, beautiful dolls, with all possible details of the female universe. The artisan revealed she has only two wishes: living until the end of her days in Maricá and with her hands in clay. "It became an addiction, a good addiction, right?!".

Her works already have been exposed in the cities of São Paulo, Campinas, Ouro Preto, Fortaleza, among others. One of them, the sculpture of a boy with a ball and a dog at his feet, went to London to represent the Brazilian handicraft in the Olympic Games and will be on a permanent show in the Brazilian Embassy.

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