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A drawer and an animator, Marcelo Marão, 41, is the son of the owner of Estrela Dalva, the first notions store in Nilópolis still in operation. During college, he produced comic books that he sold to his friends. He took advantage of the blocks used by his father's store's employees to produce flipbooks - series of images that appear to move, a basic animation technique.


His first short film, "Cebolas São Azuis", made in 1996 as part of his undergraduate project, was financially supported by his father. Four years later, he produced the short film "Chifre de Camaleão", which won the Brazilian competition of the Anima Mundi Festival in 2000 and reached second place in the international competition. With animations done in pencil and in black & white, the seven-minute-long short film portrays "bizarre" facts of the life of the chameleons.


Nowadays, Marão has ten short films completed. One of his favorites is the "Engolhervilha" series, done in partnership with colleague animators. With four editions since the first version, in 2003, it is a cut and paste of small animations from 30 seconds to one minute. Another important work is the children's short film "Eu Queria Ser um Monstro", using the stop-motion technique, which won the Anima Mundi in 2010. With an animation studio in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Marão Movies prepares the script of his first feature film, temporarily titled "Bizarros Peixes das Fossas Abissais". One of the productions by Marão can be seen here.

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