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Sixty players are registered in the Paty do Alferes Malha Club. The track is a rectangular space covered with a 40 meters long mesh track. The rules of the game in Paty are different from the rest of Brazil and of Portugal. The metal discs or meshes used by the players are rectangular and weight ranges from half a kilo to 2.8 kilos. It can be played individually or in pairs.


Malha Club. Photo: Promotional Photo/Paty do Alferes Administration


The game consists in reaching the highest number of points overthrowing the pins or staying inside one of the two concentric circles (the lowest with 40 centimeters in diameter and the largest with 1.30 centimeters), where the pins are placed, at the ends of the track.


Each pin knocked down is worth 10 points. If the player achieves to put the mesh in the smallest circle, 20 points are scored and, in the larger circle, 10 points, regardless of overthrowing the pin or not. The sum of the points determines the winner.

General Information

Address: The Malha Club has no headquarters and the meetings happen at a bar by the track.
Phone: (+55 24) 2485-2267 (City Department of Culture)

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