Macaco Chinês Community Collective

Highlights - Duque de Caxias


Cinema. música e teatro. Foto: Isabela Kassow/Diadorim Ideias.


A community collective organization for cultural and audiovisual production created in 2013, the Macaco Chinês (Chinese Monkey) has really made it happen in Duque de Caxias. With film, music, and street theater nuclei, the group consists of 14 members and several collaborators. "We are all monkeys and China, if you think about it, is the largest collective of people in the world", Nelson Pimenta, coordinator of the troupe laughs about it, when explaining the group's name.


One of their recent actions was the revitalization of Xerém Square. Cultural agitators got together to clean the place, which now has a kiosk for snacks and is also decorated with graffiti by the boys from the Meeting of Favela group on its walls. "We decided to do it so it could reach different audiences, such as workers and housewives", explains Rodrigo Dutra, one of the organization's filmmakers. He directed the documentary "Vento Forte do Levante" and said he has received a lot of inspiration from the Mate com Angu Film Society.


"We have our watchword and raising awareness through art is our goal", says the Museology student Clara Luna, who hasn't left Duque de Caxias since she met the "Chinese Monkey" guys. Among the next group's projects, there is one dedicated to the creation of a Cine - Forum with discussions with great directors of the national cinema in order to bring new life to Primavera square.

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