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The Lyra dos Conspiradores Musical Society was created in 1882 to make good music and revolution. At its headquarters, conspiratorial meetings of the abolitionist movement were held- hence its name (Lyra dos Conspiradores or Conspirators' Lyre, in English).

Its statute was the first to challenge the social order of the time, accepting blacks as members. One of its clauses, considered outrageous, allowed the admission of members irrespective of gender, religion, political creed, or skin color. Because of it, Dom Pedro II, according to the Society's historical records, commanded by a clerk of the Imperial House an interpellation to the Lyra, considering its activities subversive. In 2012, the Society reached its 130th anniversary. 

Lyra dos Conspiradores Musical Society. Photo:Cris Isidoro /Diadorim Ideias.


At Lyra's headquarters, freedom grants could be bought and there was a basement underneath the main hall, used as a hideout by slaves. The slaves took refuge there, and then would flee to the Dores de Macabu Quilombo. Right by the Society, at the Chapel of Our Lady of Penha, there was a tunnel a walkway to Igualdade Street. Lyra was listed as state cultural heritage in 2008.

Its first members were dissidents Nova Aurora Musical Society, creating a competition that encouraged the improvement of the two bands. Installed in an 1887 building, the Society maintains a cultural center that offers classes in various instruments and theater. Within the band, there are also choro music, jazz, and Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) groups.

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