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Intangible Cultural Heritage - Santo Antônio de Pádua


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 Lyra de Arion Musical Society. Photo: Cris Isidoro/ Diadorim Ideias
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Founded in 1888, Lyra Arion Musical Society became a unit of the project Ponto de Cultura in 2010. Its traditional band consists of 40 musicians from different generations and is based in an old house in the downtown area of Pádua, where guitar, singing, keyboards, wind instruments, and percussion lessons are offered.


According to its coordinator, Namir Jorge Machado, the society is very sought after in the city. Specializing in popular music and dobrados (a subgenre of military marches very popular among Brazilian music bands), and, currently, led by conductor Jorge Luis de Souza, the band performs on special dates, such as September 7 (Brazilian Independence Day), and also participates in events in neighboring cities.


The project "Dó, Ré, Mi, Faz Arte e Cultura", of social inclusion through music, is also maintained by the Ponto de Cultura. Important names in music have been members of the Lyra, such as the great maestro Altamiro Carrilho, Edmundo Guimarães (who composed "Saudades de Pádua"), and Cavaquinho.

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Address: Nilo Peçanha Street, Downtown
Phone: (+55 22) 99889-6045 (Prof. Namir Machado Jorge)

Secretaria de Cultura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro Petrobras

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